The following are a few important tips to consider when creating email campaigns for your existing and potential customer base. Following these four simple suggestions can help maximize the amount of people that will actually open your emails, as well as utilizing your time spent on marketing and promotion, more efficiently.

1. Automation now, rather than later.

Many email management software programs have the tools for complex automation, but it’s up to us when it comes to figuring out when to queue emails, and thinking ahead to yearly promotional emails, holiday, birthday, and ecommerce emails, amongst others. Different types of emails can be designed and automated for each type of customer and category on your email list. For example, potential and actual customers most likely receive different types of emails. Automating these differences now, rather than later, will allow you to customize and deliver better quality emails.

2. Design for mobile phones and tablets.

Did you know that 67% of emails are now read on either a smartphone or tablet? This will only increase in the future.

Designing beautiful stunning emails with mobile phones and tablets in mind will help you increase your open rate ratio, a metric used as an indication of how many customers are opening the email being sent out.

3. Personalizing emails and catchy subject lines

Studies show that putting the first name in the subject line of an email will increase the open rate ratio. Personalizing an email is not just about knowing their first name, though. Consider utilizing helpful strategies such as adding their business, hobbies or interests into the contents of the email. This will not only increase the bottom line but also create an email list of true fans because emails are personal. Another way to drive interest is in creating a catchy subject line that will entice potential customers to open the email. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine what would intrigue you enough to open an email. Be creative and short in the subject line, for success.

4. Knowing the best days and times to send

Timing is everything! Peak days and times for sending emails are shown to be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday around lunch time, 10am – 2pm. These emails seem to have the highest open rates. These times might not work for all types of businesses, but overall have yielded higher success in open rates. Knowing the days and times for the highest open rates generated by your potential customers is a valuable marketing research tool for your business.